Client: Ontario College – Corporate Organization Partnership

Mode of Development: Storyline 360 Rapid Authoring Software.

Mode of Delivery: Asynchronous 

Scope: Partnership with Ontario College and corporate organization to develop Train the Trainer for sustainable community farming initiatives. Clear, concise, digestible content with interactive components and graphic illustrations. 


  • Leveraged visually appealing copyright compliant graphics to enhance content. 
  • On brand colour palette and style guide. 
  • Clear and consistent navigation and menu 
  • Slide interactions and activities to promote engagement with content. 
  • Measurable learning outcomes aligned to overall course objectives 
  • Summary slides

Client: Vertical Farming Company

Mode of Development: 

  • Storyline 360 Rapid Authoring Software. 
  • LearnDash LMS.

Mode of Delivery: Hyflex, Asynchronous, Synchronous.  

Scope: Pitch Deck + 1 pager + Demo Module 

Overview of hydroponic systems in vertical farming using interactive and visually engaging Storyline elements to illustrate processes and components of a system. 

Our client needed an educational tutorial to provide an overview of vertical and hydroponic farming methods and impact for potential investors. 


  • Product output aligned with company branding. 
  • Interactive mock-up of farm layout and existing resources. 
  • Interactive overview of vertical and hydroponic farming methods, broken down into clear, distinct steps. 
  • Icons to highlight important concepts and make content visually engaging.

Client: Ontario College VLS Funding Project

Mode of Development: 

Mode of Delivery: Hyflex- multimodal interactive coursebook for use in Asynchronous, Synchronous or Hybrid format.  


A multi-modal ESL course to enhance upper-intermediate ESL learners’ language learning motivation through a digitized participatory methodology. Learners are empowered with various meta-skills and strategies to facilitate their language learning and help with their integration into the campus community and the broader Canadian society.


  • Interactive coursebook using over 150 accessible H5P learning activities to promote engagement and deep application of materials. 
  • Custom created graphics to illustrate and enhance course content while aligning with equity, diversity and inclusion principles. 
  • 5  custom videos + scripts with on-site video shoots and professional actors. 
  • Custom style features (Rounded boxes, Unit banners etc)