We Build Incredible Courses


We are a team of experts in adult learning, training and post-secondary education with a deep knowledge of what a great educational experience entails. We bring your courses and training to life in a beautiful and engaging digital format.


We have decades of experience

Our team has years of experience working in adult learning and post-secondary education and has a deep knowledge of how to create effective educational experiences and training.


We know what works for learners

We are always up to date on the most effective adult learning strategies, pedagogy, and tech tools. Many of our team members are post-secondary faculty members and have thousands of hours of experience engaging online learners.


We develop custom solutions

We are passionate about creating the most cohesive and effective online learning experiences for your learners. We adapt platforms and software to customize the learning experience you want to deliver, consistently on brand.


We know learning management systems (LMS)

Whether you’re using one of the big players like D2L, Blackboard, Canva, Moodle, Wrodpress or have your own custom solution, we’ve worked with them all. And if we haven’t, we’ll get up to date on our own time and provide you with the content you need on the platform you need.


We're great to work with

We’ve worked with SMEs from every background and are committed to making the course design process a good one. We’re down to earth, friendly and effective. We’ll probably have some laughs along the way. 

Digital Learning Services

Whether you need end to end design & development or simply require some additional support to fill in the gaps, we’ve got you covered. Our team has expertise in every phase of the digital learning process and can adapt to the requirements of the project.

Digital Learning Consulting

Needs assessments, curriculum mapping, design and implementation, program, and course evaluation

Instructional Design

Learning experience design using ADDIE, UDL, and inclusive design principles to create engaging, impactful online content and training for learners


Content development

Developing courses, modules, training and learning activities using the software that best suits your project

LMS setup/Deployment

Configuring, adapting, migrating and/or deploying your content on various learning management systems (LMS) for your course launch

accessibility and inclusion

Creating AODA & WCAG 2.0 compliant content or reviews, providing diversity and inclusion content or reviews

Learner analytics

Planning and conducting evaluations around the level of engagement learners have with your content and identifying points for improvement

Our Process 

Our course creation process is based on the ADDIE model – Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation – as well as agile project management strategies.

Course Creation Process. Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate.