Centennial College

Culinary Nutrition in Healthcare (3 Courses)

A certification course series developed for Centennial College, as part of the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts offerings. The courses are deployed in Brightspace by D2L with custom page templates.

Cover image with screenshots of the course thumbnails for the project

Accessibility Features

In this project we implemented elements that comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) as well as design best practices to enhance content variety and interaction for all participants.


WCAG 2.1 Level AA success criteria

The elements on the various web pages were designed to meet the success criteria defined in the WCAG documentation.


Alternative Texts and Long Descriptions

Alternative texts (either alt tags or in the surrounding text) are provided for visuals. Interactions that inlcude elements have a text-only alternative as well.


Closed Captions for Videos

Videos are deployed on YouTube and have close captions enabled (auto-generated with corrections where identified).


Utilizing approved developer resources only

We adhered to the client’s brand guidelines and ensured that all custom graphics met the contrast requirements.


Testing with WAVE and SCREEN Readers

As we developed and deployed content, elements were tested with the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE) by WebAim and Screen Readers (ChromeVox and VoiceOver).

Screenshot of the Overview page in a course using the given template

What was Done?

The following features provide an overview of what was done, overall, for this project


Instructional Design

Applying multiple instructional design strategies to create a great learning experience for facilitators and learners.

Digital Accessibility

Implementing web accessibility and digital documents standards to meet WCAG 2.1 level AA criteria for the content.

Web Development

Use simplified inline CSS and HTML scripts to ensure compatibility and easy maintenance for Centennial College team members.

H5P interactions

Leverage the integration that the Pressbooks instance from eCampus Ontario has with H5P to add interactions to the content.

Using Existing Templates

For easy maintenance and support, the  course is deployed using guidelines and templates that are developed by Centennial College.

H5P Elements

The H5P Quiz element is added to content pages to provide learners with self-assessment opportunities.

Using MS365

To provide a better experience for instructors and learners, we are incorporating MS365 applications where a Brigthsapce item or H5P interaction is not ideal.

Inline Styles

Where we didn’t have templates, additional elements, such as buttons or icons, were added to the page content using inline CSS simple scripts.

Content Variety

We added additional information to enhance accessibility beyond basic alternative texts where graphics were used.


Content Items

H5P Elements

Why we are different

Our team builds universal design and digital accessibility into the development process. From the initial conversation with the client and subject matter experts and through the templates used for collaborating on content and the continuous testing as materials are being uploaded to websites or learning management systems.

 We don’t just focus on getting projects done, but also on informing and being informed by our partners about what and how we can create more inclusive and accessible teaching and learning experiences.